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Marco Hertog, Team Lead Quality Control Mary van Rijswijk, HR Consultant 2

Index 04 Foreword, highlights & 2021 in review Sustainable growth of our relationships Sustainable growth of our business 22 40 50 Plantify Partners Europe Sustainable growth of the world 32 46 Green Sparkle & Royal Lemkes Foundation 14 Sustainable growth of our people

Foreword, highlights & 2021 in review #ENERGYCONNECTION 4

Cees van der Meij, owner Michiel de Haan, Managing Director

ANNUAL REVIEW Foreword 2021 Dear Partner, Looking back, it has been another turbulent year in which the pandemic continued to impact both our shared business and our personal lives. Ongoing uncertainties caused us to miss our revenue target, finishing the year at €309 million. However, we were happy to see revenue growth with almost all our customers. Our bottom line was also lower than expected due to strategic investments and a one-off setback. The strain caused by the pandemic took its toll on our energy and connections – factors that run deep at Royal Lemkes. These are challenging times, yet there is plenty to be proud of and grateful for. In assessing our performance, our stated mission is still the most important baseline. We therefore evaluate the year in terms of the sustainable growth of our people, our relationships, our business and the world we operate in. Last year was marked by happy customers, stronger connections with our suppliers and the many successful initiatives that drove sustainability forward. Our colleagues also achieved great personal growth. All results to be proud of. We are equally proud of our dream for 2030, in which we aim to sell twice as many plants as in 2020, with each plant contributing to a healthier planet and a better life for all. We call this ‘positive plants’. Looking ahead, together with our stakeholders, we hope to make this inspiring dream a reality. Things got off to a great start in 2021 with the founding of Plantify Partners Europe and the associated strategic partnership forged with the Belgian family business Floréac. Although we maintain our unique identities, our businesses certainly learn a lot from each other. It is with great joy that we look forward to a collaborative expansion of our European network. We also took great strides in innovation, kicking off the implementation of our novel ERP system and expanding robotisation. The pandemic continued to have an effect in early 2022. Even more horrifying has been the situation in Ukraine, 6

Huib Kranendonk (Commercial Director), Jan Slingerland (Director of Finance), Jeannette Jongeleen (HR & Facility Director), Alice van Veen (Director of Sourcing, Sustainability & Marketing), Michiel de Haan (Managing Director), Leon Verschoor (Director of Operations, Transport & Digital) devastating the lives of millions. We pray for those affected and hope for a swift resolution of the conflict. We want to alleviate suffering and will always help where we can. With an expected revenue increase to €350 million and a healthy bottom line, we began 2022 with a fair amount of optimism. But it is now April and, as I write this, global developments are cause for concern. Consumers are facing uncertainty and a slump in purchasing power, while we and our suppliers are trying to cope with the skyrocketing cost of diesel, gas and raw materials. The challenges are huge and only by intensifying our cooperation with all our partners we will be able to cope. Considering the strength of our relationships, we are confident that we will succeed. Together. Thank you for your support and continued trust in Royal Lemkes. Michiel de Haan Managing Director

MAJOR MOMENTS Our highlights January Brexit Our comprehensive preparations ensured a fl awless transition to a post-Brexit world. LM Next Launch of the logistics software, which we developed in-house based on OutSystems low code. Trainees Three master’s graduates started their commercial traineeships covering three diff erent roles over a two-year period. Their training will include several courses and coaching. Our digital and data traineeships were fi nalised and both trainees have now taken up their BI positions. February New UK hub In line with our international strategy, we opened a logistics hub in the United Kingdom to better support our British customers. GS Next We began a three-year project collaborating with our automation partners at Motion10 to replace our Green Sales ERP system. March Personal Leadership Programme Successful completion of our seventh Personal Leadership Programme.

April IKEA Supplier of the Year ASH was selected by IKEA as supplier of the year in the Sharing Knowledge category. May Footprint Friday We organised three Footprint Friday sessions with our key growers, discussing sustainable energy, datadriven cultivation and plant health. Together, we are working towards our dream of selling only ‘positive plants’ by 2030. A forest inside Working together with nature educators IVN and Presikhaaf School Furniture, we started a pilot to make primary schools greener and teach children more about plants. Royal decoration Our owner, Cees van der Meij, was knighted in the Order of OrangeNassau. Cees received this royal decoration for his eff orts and contributions in various social fi elds. June Calculating carriers’ footprint Top Sector Logistics developed a programme to analyse carriers’ carbon footprint. We participated with several of our carriers in phase 1 of the project, which involved the actual measuring and sharing of emissions data.

July Plants by train Royal Lemkes and Mandersloot successfully tested transporting plants by train. August Robotisation: The Lowpad We concluded testing Lowpad smart robots, which will be followed by broad-scale implementation in 2022 to further optimise our operational processes. September ISO and Florimark We achieved the ISO-9001/2015 and MPS-Florimark GTP certifi cates with a perfect score. Floréac and Royal Lemkes management meeting Connection starts with getting to know each other. Management from Royal Lemkes and Floréac held a twoday meeting at the Port of Rotterdam. Kicking off the fi scal year We opened the fi scal year with a new theme: ‘energy and connection’. October Transport Day Another successful edition of our annual carriers event, working with suppliers and partners towards a greener, more sustainable future. Sustainable Thursday During this annual event, we inspired colleagues and business partners to increase sustainability.

November Vitality Programme We kicked off the new employee programme with training in food and vitality, preventive medical exams, our own sports club and other energising activities. Rotterdam Zoo Our staff association organised a funpacked, educational visit to Rotterdam Zoo for 370 people: 112 employees and their families. December Founding Young Lemkes In recent years, many young people have joined our team. We now have 100+ employees under 35. Founded by our younger colleagues, Young Lemkes aims to organise special activities and get-togethers for this group in the year ahead. Founding Lemkes Sports Club As part of our vitality programme, we set up Lemkes Sports Club. The club’s committee plans to organise fi ve to six large events every year, including Spinning for Sophia. Awarded the FSC Chain of Custody We obtained FSC Chain of Custody certifi cation, a new certifi cate that allows us to source and sell FSCcertifi ed products. Talent Development Programme The fi fth edition of our development programme for young, talented employees came to another successful conclusion.

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH 2021 in review Sustainable growth of our people 275 275 colleagues attended a course, workshop or training programme. 43 We grew from 296 to 339 employees. 46 46 of our colleagues advanced to new positions. Sustainable growth of the world we operate in 93 93% of the plants we supplied were certified according to the FSI Basket of Standards. Our operations are climate neutral thanks to the reduction and compensation of CO2 emissions. We calculated the carbon footprint of our carriers and growers. 12

Sustainable growth of our relationships 2020 2021 71% We achieved positive revenue growth with nearly all of our customers 77% Purchase value at our top 100 growers Sustainable growth of our business €309 million in revenue 130,000,000 plants delivered 24,000 different products 36 export countries 700 suppliers 4,000 stores 500 different types of plants

Sustainable growth of our people #ENERGYCONNECTION 14

Jasper Brummelman, Team Lead Operations Jader Porras Zeledon, All-round Operations Employee

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Our people make the difference Diversity, vitality and personal growth weave the fabric of our success. The pandemic placed a strain on our energy and connections – and, with it, our leadership. We missed in-person updates, joint lunches in the restaurant, Sinterklaas celebrations and Christmas breakfast. These were replaced by Teams meetings and online training. Although digital Plantify Lunch Talks, online bingo and the many other well-intentioned initiatives played their part, they could not match the value of personal contact. Halfway through 2021, it was clear we had to focus on rekindling our energy, connections and mutual cooperation. We therefore decided to make ‘energy and connection’ our annual theme for 2022. As a result, we intend to invest in more colleagues, additional office space and fun events while expanding our vitality policy. Our resolve is unchanged. We want our employees to feel at home at Royal Lemkes and know they have the opportunity to develop their skills and qualities. In 2020, we were awarded Best Employer*** in the Netherlands and aim for nothing less in 2022. Naihira Pinedo, Distribution Coordinator Operations Naisi Hilibertha Pinedo, Distribution Coordinator Operations Suvien Pinedo, Team Lead Operations 16

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Diversity & vitality Diversity is what defines us. Whether our differences are due to gender, age, experience, nationality or personal character, they shape our personality and beauty and determine our success. There are 15+ nationalities currently working at Royal Lemkes. A lively mix of young talent and years of essential wisdom. Our employees’ physical and mental health is important t we have developed a company-wide vitality programme on staff and our own sports club. We also offer lifestyle a training and invite colleagues to participate in preventive m Everything to increase resilience – for today and for yea T h o mt e . o c THERE ARE 16 DIFFERENT NATIONALITIES CURRENTLY AT ROYAL LEMKES E 292 2 2 4 2 17 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 6 1 1


SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Our people make the difference ADVANCEMENT 2021 46 19 SICKNESS ABSENTEEISM 2021 2020 2019 2018 27 3.68% 3.66% 3.02% 2.61% In 2020 and 2021, the pandemic caused an increase in sickness absenteeism. Our goal for 2022 is to return to the figures of 2018 and 2019. MANAGEMENT POSITIONS* AVERAGE AGE* 40.18 18 men 58% 42% 13 women 39.43 40.84 * In the office * All employees

PERSONAL GROWTH Plantify Academy Many of our talented employees attended interesting training courses, workshops and webinars in 2021. It was a great effort during a time of ongoing restrictions. A new addition to our curriculum is the masterclass in business administration, developed in collaboration with the Business School of the Netherlands. 10 10 18 12 40 11 37 18 58 4 17 10 16 6 8 Talent Development Programme Personal Leadership Programme Personal Growth Programme Pizza with Covey Introducing Insights Discovery Covey's Six Critical Practices Plant courses Language courses Green Sales training Stress management workshop Masterclass in business administration Negotiation skills Effective communication Giving and receiving feedback Working effectively In addition, several colleagues followed tailored training courses, including MBAs and higher professional education and NEVI programmes. Professional programmes Leadership programmes

Sustainable growth of u p #ENERGYCONNECTION 22 our relationps

Vincent van Maris, Standard Range Purchasing Manager Jaco Blom, Senior Account Manager OBI

RESPONDING TO THE RAPIDLY CHANGING CONSUMER. TOGETHER. Reinventing a future in motion Our core purpose at Royal Lemkes is to meet the needs of our retail partners and boost their success in the plant category. This requires continuous innovation on our part, off ering cutting-edge products and services. Simply adhering to quality standards is no longer enough. We now require responsible sourcing, production and distribution. Next up is tackling CO2 emissions, reducing supply-chain waste and increasing biodiversity. From cutting to consumer, these are the greatest challenges we face in maintaining and expanding a successful, future-proof plant category. Our dream for 2030 is to sell twice as many plants as in 2020, with each plant contributing to a healthier planet and a better life for all. However, the greatest impact lies beyond our control and partnerships are therefore a logical step in helping us drive our industry forward. That means we must prioritise everyone’s needs, from grower to retailer. By working together and trusting in the effi cacy of our own determination, we can reap long-term rewards. A network’s strength is judged by the reliability of its parts. That is why we are always open about our challenges, opportunities, results and failures. And it is why we seek to connect with each other and learn from each other. At Royal Lemkes, we want to lead the way in discovering what is possible while reinventing a future in constant motion. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine undeniably aff ect us, so it is understandable that our focus shifts to the short term. But as challenging as this is, we cannot allow ourselves to lose track of our long-term plans. 24

The demands of the European consumer (including those related to sustainability) are rapidly shifting. Our retail partners are following suit. The prosperity of our beautiful sector can only be guaranteed through an intensifi ed, combined eff ort that involves colleagues, growers, suppliers, NGOs, governments, banks and all other stakeholders. That is why we are using this annual report to tell you the story of Royal Lemkes beyond the numbers. Sharing the progress we have made in building a more sustainable future. Together. ndonk or Alice van Veen Director of Sourcing, Sustainability & Marketing

OUR RETAIL PARTNERS Our customers Our customers are leading European retailers from various segments. We maintain an exclusive or preferred partnership with each and every one of them. We witnessed positive revenue growth with most of our customers. A good result, even when compared to the period preceding the pandemic-related lockdowns. However, IKEA and Praxis, in particular, took a hit in revenue due to store closures in 2021. This was not only the case in the Netherlands; the situation was equally dire in Germany and Austria. Considering this, we are satisfied with our overall performance. When it comes to sustainability and trade marketing, our retail partners are even more open to collaboration than before. In line with our sustainable growth mission, our specialists and partners cooperate closely in various areas, such as consumer branding and shopper campaigns. Sustainability includes packaging, substrate, biodiversity and carbon footprint reduction. In 2021, we delivered to approximately 4,000 stores across Europe, of which 2,500 were supplied directly. 1,000 garden centres (Jardiland, OBI, PraxisTuin, Truffaut) 300 home furnishing stores (IKEA) 1,500 supermarkets (Aldi, Système U, Jumbo) 1,200 DIY stores (B&O, Brico, Brico Depot, Castorama, Praxis) 26

Maxeda: Kingfisher: Partner for 30 years Partner for 3 years Partner for 3 years Partner for 20 years Partner for 2 years Partner for 11 years Partner for 14 years Partner for 33 years Partner for 9 years Partner for 2 years Partner for 28 years Partner for 9 Partner for 14 years

OUR SUPPLIERS Our growers Six years ago, we set out our sourcing strategy, which, considerin events of the last couple of years, has proven a sound decision. Our suppliers are ranked by potential, size, professionalism and performance. We have developed distinctive strategies and campaigns for our various suppliers and product categories. This is how we intensify long-term relationships, create a sustainable supply chain and deliver a unique product range at the lowest possible costs. It is increasingly important for operational performance to uphold good relations with strategic suppliers. We aim to manage and improve these relationships by using general supplier analyses, supplier performance monitoring and action plans for continuous improvement. We collect information and develop and discuss new processes in conjunction with our suppliers, allowing us to create more value out of already successful strategic relationships. When a process is perfected, we expand it to other strategic suppliers and/or product categories. A multi-phasal expansion highlights its merit and helps create room to communicate the process to stakeholders both outside and within the company. Our growers are taking important steps to make their production even more sustainable. We do our part by bringing together supply chain partners, encouraging cooperation while motivating and inspiring each other to advance sustainable growth. 28

Suppliers’ Day 2020 Royal Lemkes: Lemkes Export, Edelman Green, ASH Suppliers 700 suppliers 77% purchasing value with top 100 suppliers Type or trade (purchasing value) 73% standard range 27% special/seasonal offer Product category (purchasing value) Indoor green Outdoor seasonal Outdoor standard Indoor orchid Indoor bloom Indoor/outdoor arrangement Indoor seasonal 43% 14% 13% 12% 9% 5% 4%

OUR SUPPLIERS Our carriers Transport is key to our proposition and forms a significant part of the final cost of our plants. That is why we also maintain strategic partnerships with carriers which often go back many years. Our delivery performance with customers is crucial to our success and is measured weekly. Over the past five years, we have been able to achieve a significant improvement in ontime delivery. In addition, transport claims have dropped by almost 50 per cent since 2017. We are proud that several of our carriers have calculated their ecological footprint and invest in sustainable logistics. And we are also honoured that more and more trucks on European roads carry the message 'Let's plantify the future. Together.' E , we organise an event for our suppliers during which we share our strategy and ideas for making the sor more sustainable. It was no different in 2021. We also worked with several carriers to calculate their carbon footprint. See page 36. , s 30

ON-TIME DELIVERY 95.3% 94.8% 90% 93.7% 2018 2019 2020 2021

Sustainable growth of the world #ENERGYCONNECTION 32

Ruud Hogenelst, Logistics Staff Member Jurgen Isri, Logistics Coordinator

A GREENER WORLD Our sustainab Over the past year, we have taken new steps towards realising our sustainable dream. As always, our achievements are the result of close cooperation with colleagues, suppliers, customers, NGOs, the government, competitors and other industry peers. At the end of 2020, we also further sharpened our sustainability ambitions for the next 10 years. Our dream for 2030 • To sell twice as many plants as in 2020: from 125 to 250 million. • ‘Positive plants’: the plants we sell will contribute to a healthier planet and a better life for all. Our increasing success in anchoring sustainability within the company • Each quarter, progress is discussed in a steering committee, which includes three board members. • Each month, we discuss our progress with the Royal Lemkes Sustainability Team, in which all departments are represented. • Sustainability is directly linked to our commercial departments and embedded in our sourcing and sales strategy. • We have included sustainable production in our purchasing agreements. • We continue to work with stakeholder groups and networks, such as the FSI Foundation, IMVO, Tuinbranche Nederland, Versnellers, MVO Nederland and various PPP projects. Scan to see our dream Four key themes Our sustainability policy focuses on four overarching themes: climate, biodiversity, natural resources and working conditions in the supply chain. These key themes are linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Scan to watch the Sustainable Thursday after movie 34

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Highlights of 2021 Royal Lemkes was 100% climate neutral. Our fl eet is 50% electric and we no longer have any diesel vehicles. New lease cars are electric only. 93% of the plants we supplied were certifi ed according to the FSI Basket of Standards. We encourage our suppliers t their CO2 emissions and introd Footprint Fridays for this purpo We established a policy for sustainable cultivation pots. Through several pilots, we loo ways to reduce the use of packaging material and replace single-use plastic trays.

KEY THEMES 1. Climate Our contribution to SDG 13 Making the supply chain sustainable is only possible if parties in the c cooperate and take responsibility together. Mapping out the climate i of our products has provided insights into carbon-reduction opport In 2021, our operations were completely climate neutral. Our fleet is 50% electric and we no longer have any diesel vehicles. New lease cars are electric only and there are now 14 double charging stations available on our premises. We have started measuring the transport carbon footprint of our partners at De Winter Logistics and Mandersloot. Our goal for 2022 is to see all our partner carriers measure their carbon footprint. We calculated the carbon footprint of 50 growers and introduced Footprint Fridays to further reduce our impact on the road to ‘positive plants’ by 2030. CO₂ EMISSIONS DEVELOPMENT 1,400,000 1,200,000 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 0 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 gas and electricity business fleet business travel The cold winter led to an increase in the use of gas. 2021 350,000 300,000 250,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 50,000 0 Our gas and electricity use, business fleet, business travel and packaging materials are not yet climate neutral. We offset our CO2 emissions through the FairClimateFund. 36 CO₂ emissions Revenue in € million

KEY THEMES 2. Biodiversity Our contribution to SDGs 12, 13 and 14 The percentage of sustainably sourced products rose to 93 per cent. The FSI (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative) target of 90 per cent of sustainably sourced products has therefore been amply met. FSI target: 90% Achieved 93% We develop and test neo sticks to facilitate the control of neonicotinoids. Three of our customers have now joined the FSI: • IKEA • ALDI • Jumbo We are working together towards a better future. We researched peat use and drew up a strategy for the use of potting soil. 400,000 300,000 200,000 100,000 0 Working with Versnellers, we produced a flyer introducing the FSI to growers. 2019 2020 2021 rganic products than in Together with Tuinbranche Nederland and the environmental organisation Natuur en Milieu, we are actively reducing the use of plant protection products and carrying out annual residue monitoring.

KEY THEMES 3. Natural resources Our contribution to SDG 12 A circular economy is a closed loop in which natural resources, components and products lose as little value as possible and their reuse is optimised. Reuse We drew up policies for the pot of the future: carbon black free and made from at least 80% PCR (post-consumer recyclate). Recycle Reduce Royal Lemkes intends to be fully circular by 2030. We began closed-loop initiatives with two of our customers. However, they could not roll out these innovations due to other pressing logistical issues. We hope to move forward on this in 2022. We achieved the valuable FSC certification. We published two white papers, informing customers and growers about plastic and the pot of the future. Using 2020 as a benchmark, we aim for a 10 per cent annual reduction in the use of plastic and a 50 per cent reduction by 2025. Our ambition is to implement multi-use plant trays by 2030. In 2021, as an interim step, we conducted tests with cardboard and pulp trays alongside existing reusable packaging. Complete packaging registration is on the agenda for 2022. Cardboard trays are introduced per pot size. 38

KEY THEMES 4. Working conditions Our contribution to SDGs 1 and 8 Within the framework of the International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) Agreement that we signed in July 2019, Royal Lemkes actively participates in several working groups. These groups are developing action plans for a living wage, reducing the impact of plant protection products, tackling climate change and due diligence. A code of conduct has been developed for the floricultural sector, which we have fully embedded in our policies and processes. Including the drafting of rules of conduct. As well as the appointment of confidential advisors. Living wage. The IRBC Agreement for the Floricultural Sector has a term of three years. We have prepared the introduction of social requirements for low-risk countries, scheduled for 2023 and will carry out a baseline measurement per country in 2022. Research into the risks to users posed by plant protection products. Due diligence (responsibility throughout the entire operation). Together with the sourcing department, we are making the supply chain transparent. We worked on a complaints mechanism as part of the IRBC Agreement that will be introduced in the sector in 2022. We help by supporting projects in regions most affected by climate change. In 2022, the code of conduct will be communicated within Royal Lemkes and rolled out to growers and carriers. Implementation of the code of conduct is to be audited on an annual basis.

Sustainable growth of our business #ENERGYCONNECTION 40

n van der Kooij, Senior Software Engineer n der Kooij, Software Engineer

DIGITAL & DATA Innovation Digital and data are of tremendous importance to us. By focusing on these areas, we can work to improve our proposition at the lowest possible cost. Our investments in digital and data initiatives have increased significantly in recent years and we are very proud of the progress we made in 2021. ERP replacement Since 2020, we have been working on replacing our Green Sales ERP system with GS Next, which is being developed using the low-code OutSystems platform. The ERP system automates and connects business processes within our organisation. We have also launched our own logistics asset management package, developed in-house based on OutSystems low-code technology. Robotisation • Argos – the system that scans incoming trolleys, reads optical codes and measures plant heights – is now fully operational: 50 to 60 per cent of all incoming trolleys are scanned and reported. • Lowpads are smart mobile robots that manoeuvre under Danish trolleys and automate a significant part of the operational process. Operations have been extensively tested. In 2022, day-trading processes will be robotised, marking an important step towards securing further growth despite the tight labour market. Scan to watch our video on robotisation 42

Forecasting Data-driven processes are rapidly becoming the norm. With the deployment of machine learning in 2021, we are now in a position to make even more reliable forecasts. We therefore have better insight into the required product offer and the resources needed for operations, not least labour, space and trolleys. Replenishment Thanks to replenishment, we can further optimise shop floor conversion and minimise loss. In 2021, our system was refined and improved. Alternative products and load factor optimisations were included in the replenishment model. Security Data security remains a key concern. We have implemented fundamental technological changes in o automation. Together with industry peers, we with the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Digital e and The Hague Security Delta (the Dutch ster) to gain access to essential information ed. e

A FORCE FOR GOOD: MINIMUM VIABLE PROFIT Financial results In 2021, our revenue grew from €288 million to €309 million, falling short of the expected €335 million. Unfortunately, the pandemic threw a spanner in the works, mainly due to store closures in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Although revenue and profit are not our main drivers, we know the importance of economies of scale and a healthy bottom line. Growth helps us to professionalise our business and expand our impact. We believe in a minimum viable profit. For our company, that means 1.5 to 2 per cent. In 2021, however, we achieved a somewhat disappointing result, falling below one per cent. This outcome relates to unsatisfactory revenue and a substantial one-off setback. There were also strong investments and consequent amortisation in important strategic areas, such as IT (the replacement of our ERP system), robotisation and e-fulfilment. We will continue to invest in these key areas in the years ahead. Our initial optimism for 2022 has, at the time of writing, given way to uncertainty. We are facing the enormous impact of the horrific situation in Ukraine, declining consumer confidence and a decrease in purchasing power. These issues are adversely affecting revenue. In addition, the rising costs of transport and energy, for instance, are a concern. To conclude with a positive, our solvency for 2021 is around 27 per cent, significantly above our internal standard d 44

REVENUE DEVELOPMENT 320 310 300 290 280 270 260 250 240 230 220 210 200 309* 288 288 265 249 249 222 2015 2016 Net revenue in € million 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 * Based on provisional figures, yet to be verified RESULT DEVELOPMENT 1.50% 1.40% 1.30% 1.20% 1.10% 1.00% 0.90% 0.80% 0.70% 2015 Pre-tax profit (%) 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 1.34 1.28 1.18 1.15 1.09 0.93* 1.28 2021 * Result includes Reguardz

Green Sparkle & Royal Lemkes Foundation #ENERGYCONNECTION 46

Inge Verheijen, Account Support Staff Lyanne Schilperoort, Account Support Staff

STEWARDSHIP FUND Green Sparkle Royal Lemkes is part of Green Sparkle, the family stewardship fund of our owner Cees van der Meij. Green Sparkle is an incubator for sustainable entrepreneurs and creative minds who want to do things differently and who strive to make a positive difference based on three important core values: Growing Green, Growing Talent and Growing Change. All companies under the Green Sparkle flag support the United Sustainable Development Goals. t g Welgelegen e b g Welgelegen is a social enterprise in Valkenburg, South Holland, professional care and hospitality complement each other. The mic has inspired a wonderful initiative: Herberg Thuis, a digital m that links carefully selected buddies to people in need of care. m www.greensparkle.nl 48

Royal Lemke Foundation We support various charities throughout the year through the Royal Lemkes Foundation, such as the Plastic Soup Foundation and the Waterpas Foundation. Employees can also apply for financial support for projects they are active in themselves. Each year, about 15 employees make use of this option. Greening community In 2021, Royal Lemkes donated plants to 27 care homes, a school and four food banks. A forest inside Working together with nature educators IVN and Presikhaaf School Furniture, we started a pilot in 2021 to make primary schools greener and teach children more about plants. We will continue this important work in 2022 with the aim of making thousands of schools a little greener.

Plantify Partners Europe #ENERGYCONNECTION 50

Demi Zwarteveld, Junior Process Manager Supermarkets Marcella Rietveld, Strategic Sourcer

family firms Plantify Partners Europe A network of family firms Royal Lemkes is a subsidiary of Plantify Partners Europe (PPE), a European network of family firms in the horticultural sector. Plantify Partners work together to sustainably grow their companies, their employees, their customers and their business partners. PPE was founded in 2020 with Royal Lemkes and the Belgian company Floréac as the first Plantify Partners. Cees van der Meij owner - Royal Lemkes & PPE PPE invites other family businesses to join the network. For more information, please visit plantifypartnerseurope.eu “We believe in the strength of local family firms. Together, we can forge a European network that will allow us to serve leading European retailers even better by providing them with the finest plants grown throughout Europe. Through Plantify Partners Europe, we aim to build a network of European plant trading companies that preserve their own unique identities and collaborate where possible.” 52

Local production regions Europe is rich in local production regions for the trade and distribution of pot plants. Floréac and Royal Lemkes, two hea family firms with long traditions and strong identities, connect these areas via an efficient supply chain with sales markets throughout Europe. Both companies serve as logistical hubs within their respective production regions. Thanks to their strategic locations and well-organised logistics, they can deliver their products reliably across the continent. With PPE, the partners aim to create a logistics and trade network of European players that will bring sustainable economies of scale and synergies to all stakeholders. Supervisory board In 2021, the supervisory board of PPE was formed and includes: • Heleen van Gulik, chair, active in various supervisory boards • Thomas Heerkens, former CEO Landal Greenparks • Werner Krott, former CEO Flore and Floréac • Cees van der Meij, 100% shareholder, former CEO Royal Lemkes The supervisory board will meet four times a year.

WHAT WE BELIEVE IN Is what we stand f f Royal Lemkes has a green heart Our green heart has three chambers: our roots as growers, our knowledge of plants and the sustainable ethos of our shareholder, management and employees. Our mission: We strive for sustainable growth Our aim is not to maximise profit but to maximise impact. Naturally, we need a minimum viable profit, but that results from and is a condition for a healthy company. We strive for the sustainable growth of our employees and business partners in everything we do. If we succeed in that, the company will grow organically. We also aim for a green supply chain and a liveable planet, not only for ourselves but for all future generations. Our dream: Positive plants In 2030, we want to sell twice as many plants as in 2020,with each plant contributing to a healthier planet and a better life for all. We call this ‘positive plants’. Our vision: We believe in plants Plants are a beautiful and healthy addition to our lives and strengthen our customers’ businesses. Plants also play an important part in making the world greener. We do not just believe in plants. We also believe in: • Business as a force for good • People – because people make the difference • Togetherness • The uniqueness of the plant category • Scale • Digital, data and technology • Doing better every day Our core values Craftsmanship, Reliability, Customer Engagement, Connection and Leadership. Scan to watch our story 54

Royal Lemkes has a green heart We believe in plants. Plants can create a better life, stronger businesses and contribute t a healthier, green world. In everything we do, we strive for sustainable growth. Of our people, of our relationships, of our common business and of the world we live in. Let’s plantify® Plantify® the future. Together. = Creating a better life, stronger businesses and a healthier, green world with plants.

Our dream for 2030 To sell twice as many plants as in 2020: from 125 million to 250 million. 'Positive plants’: the plants we sell contribute to a healthier planet and a better life for all.

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